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In 2005 the Heritage Council assessed the Railway Station Building and the original Goods Shed, both of which are being heritage listed along with the trees along the railway which were planted in the early 1900's.   Confirmation of this heritage listing was confirmed in 2007.

The Heritage Council describes the Kojonup Tourist Railway as:

Comprising loading platform and 5 ton crane (c. 1912), Goods Shed (1922), Station Building (1925),  Bus Shed (1943), wool loading platform, mature trees and historic rail vehicles.  The Station Building is a single storey timber framed weatherboard building with a gabled tiled roof, in the Interwar Queen Anne style.  It has timber framed doors, windows and timber verandah with a decorative timber valance on the track side elevation.  The chimney is rendered.  Scales are extant under the verandah. 

Items of Historic Interest

The refurbished zoo train will go into service as from 6th October, 2012.  This train was originally run at the Perth Zoo from approximately 1989 to 1999 and was run on rubber wheels and propelled by gas.  Kojonup Tourist Railway Inc., has converted this train to run on 45lb line and to run using diesel engines.

45lb line used to the be norm in Western Australia but the line is the last in WA to use this type of line.

Many people will recall having rides at the zoo at South Perth during the period above with fond memories and they can now take a ride in Kojonup and relive some memories albeit with a different view.

Rail Car Profile

History of our cars and vans

 J4  MRWCo  # (AB 222-242-249-250) was the original WAGR #
(not sure which one we have)
Entered Service with WAGR 1899
Builders -  Oldbury Carriage & Wagon Co, Birmingham, England
2nd Class country sit up car.
1902 exchange of 4 AB for 4 Midland Railway Co non-Lavatory cars with Midland Railway Co numbered J1-J4 by Midland Railway Co.
MRWCo  #?s J1 to J4 (not necessarily in WAGR order) in service with Midland Railway Co 1902-1964 Midland to Walkaway. Geraldton
1964 Midland Railway Co taken over by WAGR
Stored at Midland ? converted to workers van 1969

AW 5074

 Builders - Westralia Iron Works, North Fremantle 1905
AW is 1st Class suburban side door car converted to workers van 1970?s

ARS 349

Builders ? State Implements, Rocky Bay, Fremantle. 1917
Entered service as a sit up side corridor (AR) 2nd class country car
Converted to 4 berth per compartment sleeping car.
Circa 1922 reclassified to ARS.
Used principally on Perth/Kalgoolie    Perth/Albany  Perth/Geraldton via Mullewa and Geraldton/Meekatharra lines.
Converted to workers van 1980.


Builders WAGR Midland 1929
Used initially on Kalgoolie Express
1947 upgraded at Midland for the new Westland Express
Also occasionally used on other Country Express?s
1970 Westland replaced by Transaustralian and Prospector
All AZ?s then used to replace platform cars on other lines
Converted to workers van in 1980


Nov 1962 Midland Workshops
One of a large batch of Z vans built between 1957 and 1964
Used solely as Brake vans of freight trains
Would have operated on most lines throughout the state
Converted to Workers van 1980?s

Perth Zoo Train

Manufactured by Willis Engineering 1989
Rubber Tyred for operation at South Perth Zoo, Western Australia
Commenced operation in 1990
Taken from service in 1999
Purchased in 2007
Being converted to rail and from gas to diesel
To be put into service 6th October 2012


Kojonup Railway Station
Kojonup Railway Station

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