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The main current projects are:

* Laying of steel sleepers;
In our track pattern we need to lay 1 in 8 steel sleepers between our wooden sleepers.  We have already accomplished this for approximatley 6 kms of the track

* Laying of wood sleepers;
New wooden sleeprs need to be between the steel sleepers and new ones need to be a minimum of 1 in 8 as well depending on the condition of the existing wooden sleepers.  This is a priority for us to ensure that we complete the section up to where the steel sleepers have been laid - this will increase our accredited run by a further 3.5 kms.

* Conversion of the zoo train from road to rail;
This is a project dear to our heart, however we can only move this project forward as we have funds. We need a further $14,000 to complete the conversion, but we are still working on this as funds allow.

* Writing up formalised training plans for all operational positions.

This project has begun in 2007 and we will work steadily during the year to convert all of our training programs to competency based training modules where all items will be assessed.

If you would like further information on our projects, please contact us at the email below

Zoo Train Carriage

Zoo Train Carriages

Flag Person

Guard at Road Crossing

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